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CHECK THIS OUT…….. Ashlee and “Ashlee’s Toy Closet” have donated over 175,000 toys to date. Amazing for only 3 years. Way to go and Ashlee is committed to doubling that number soon!!!

2010 Highlights:


  • School in Southern New Jersey is organizaing “Hat Day” for Ashlee and will donate all funds collected to Ashlee and Ashlee’s Toy Closet.
  • Ashlee donates toys to over 3000 families Christmas of 2010 alone.
  • Ashlee received donations of toys, monetary donations and love from all across the country through the VBS (Vocational Bible School) through Churches. Children whom participated in the VBS during the summer collected toys and money and sent to Ashlee’s Toy Closet, Inc. Thank you and God Bless.
  • Ashlee is a proud supporter of Reno Rodeo Special Kids Rodeo
  • Mendive Middle School in Sparks collects over 450.00 for “Hats for Haiti” – Lets see how many more schools we can get involved. Way to go kids!!!! – As Ashlee says “Kids will help when given the chance!!”
  • Storey County School District gets involved in “Hats for Haiti” and “Pennies for Orphans” They collect over $360.00.
  • Ashlee launches a quick way to get kids involved in helping the kids in Haiti. Jerry Whitehead Elementary School participates in the “Hats for Haiti” drive. The kids raised over $680.00 for the Orphanages in Haiti.
  • Ashlee launches her “Pennies for Orphans” to help re-build the orphanages in Haiti after the Earthquake. She is encouraging all schools to get involved. We have schools as far away as Florida helping collect Pennies!!! Yeah!!!

2009 Highlights

  • Ashlee adopted over 500 children in Washoe County as a way to celebrate and help for the Holidays.
  • Ashlee adopts 12 other local Washoe County Families for Christmas.
  • Ashlee adopts 9 local children from her school and supplies them with an abundance of toys.
  • Ashlee’s December “Toy-Raiser” wraps up and collects hundreds of toys for local children in the Washoe County Homeless Shelter. (over 100)
  • Ashlee donates a trailer full of toys to the local Womens and Mens Shelter in Reno, NV
  • Ashlee donates and passes out toys to Lyon County Children that need a little cheer during the holidays. (45) Donated through Ashlee’s Toy Closet and Faces of Grace Church
  • Ashlee adopts the entire county of Storey County for Christmas. All children received a new toy and a new Zoobie. Thank you to everyone that helped over 400 kids.
  • Ashlee was awarded the founders Youth Award by the World of Children in November in New York City. What an amazing honor as it is often referred to as the “Nobel” prize for kids.
  • Ashlee will be in New York 9-12-09 to accept award from “7days across America” Encouragement Foundation. karla1
  • Ashlee will be at the National Homeless Awareness Day in Reno September 19, 2009. She will give new toys to less fortunate children in our area.
  • Ashlee sent toys to 8 families across America, TN, AK, MN, CA, TX after they suffered house fires (9-09)
  • Ashlee helps 5 families from across the country. visit and you can help become someones hero too.
  • Ashlee donates toys to a local boy(6) who would not have a birthday gift without her love and support.
  • Ashlee launches “Ashlee’s Birthday Closet” July 09 – Helping local parents in need supply toys to their children for their birthdays.
  • Ashlee donates toys to a local girl (9) whose family is suffering due to the economic condition. Without Ashlee they little girl would not have birthday presents.
  • July 8, Ashlee sent toys to The Hill Family (3boys) who suffered a house fire in Lockport, Louisiana. Congratulations to Bryce Hill (9) who is credited with saving his little brothers from the fire!!!!
  • Ashlee donates stuffed animals to The Special Kids Rodeo as part of the Reno Rodeo June 15, 2009
  • Ashlee actively participates in the arena during all three night of the Special Kids Rodeo helping the special needs children participate in their own version of a rodeo. Addie & Cassie Hemple of Reno joined Ashlee and the rodeo one night. The girls have touched Ashlee and riding a horse was awesome for them.
  • Ashlee assisted with the Behind the Chutes Tour for the Foster Families of Washoe County. She showed all of the children what life is like behind the chutes at the Reno Rodeo 6-23-09
  • Ashlee appeared on the Bill Manders Show to talk about The Special Kids Rodeo and her involvement. What a great interview talking about the way Special Kids Rodeo has touched her heart.


April 2009 Updates:

  • Ashlee filmed the OPRAH show on April 16, 2009 !!! – Watch the show on MAY 19. We are so excited and honored to appear on her show and help further Ashlee’s cause.
  • Ashlee will be passing out toys to more than 10,000 kids in Washoe County at the Tune-into-Kids Fair 4-25-09
  • The Learning Express sponsoring toy drive for Ashlee 4-25-09. Ashlee to appear from 4 to 6 pm