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National Day of Encouragement Movement Travels to 14 Cities in 7 Days; Visits Reno-Area Teens on Sept. 5 at North Lake Tahoe Resort

TRUCKEE, Calif. – Sept. 1, 2009 – Fourteen cities. Seven days. One movement. On September 5, Northstar-at-Tahoe Resort will host Reno’s section of a movement known as “7 Days Across America” in honor of the National Day of Encouragement on September 12. The campaign aims to showcase the encouraging deeds of today’s youth. The Reno/North Lake Tahoe area is just one stop out of a seven day journey through 14 of America’s largest cities.

The movement will visit 14 U.S. cities and share the stories of teenagers who are striving to make a difference in their schools, their communities and the world. The tour includes stops in San Francisco, CA (September 5); Reno, NV (September 5); Phoenix, AZ (September 6); Denver, CO (September 6); Oklahoma City, OK (September 7); Houston, TX (September 7); Dallas, TX (September 8); Little Rock, AR (September 8); Detroit, MI (September 9); Nashville, TN (September 10); Atlanta, GA (September 10); Philadelphia, PA (September 11); and New York City (September 11). The teenager with the most inspiring story of benevolence and compassion will receive a scholarship awarded by a panel of judges at a celebration event on the National Day of Encouragement.

“’7 Days Across America’ was created to challenge the negative stereotype of teenagers portrayed in mainstream media today,” said Andrew Baker, executive director of the Encouragement Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that raises awareness about the benefits of encouraging others. “The campaign will honor teenagers who are positive influences, and we hope that their stories of generosity and compassion will encourage other young people to get involved in their own schools and communities.”

Examples of some of the deeds of participating youth across the country include Ashlee Smith (10) of Reno, NV, who founded Ashlee’s Toy Closet which collects toys, books and clothes and donates them to children who have lost their homes by fire, natural disaster or economic crisis. Javier Fernandez-Han (15), of Houston, TX developed the VERSATILE system that treats waste, fights greenhouse gases and produces food, fuel and oxygen. Vinay Trevedi (18), of Philadelphia honored his grandfather by founding Senior Link, an organization through which young people help residents of senior homes feel more connected to society by teaching them the skills necessary to use computers and the Internet.

Northstar-at-Tahoe Resort will be taking part in this project by hosting activities and an awards reception for participating Reno and Truckee-Tahoe area students on Sept. 5, and the filming of the area’s nominated teenager, of which footage will be used both in documentary format and to determine the winner of the scholarship prize.

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Press Contact:
Jessica VanPernis
Northstar-at-Tahoe Resort