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Hi Ashley, I am 9 just like you! I watched youre YOU TUBE video and it made me cry! I would like to follow in youre footsteps. I watched youre oprah show and i decided you were the best! I am going to donate soon!


Dear Ashlee, You are a wonderful person, but a super kid! I have been impressed since I first heard of you helping the children of the Angora Fire in Tahoe. I can’t find any other way to contact you, so I hope this reaches you soon. I have been helping a young mother who has a 3 year old girl, and a boy who turns 5 on October 17. Recently they were kicked out by the mother’s “boyfriend”, and he threw just a few of their items out in the street. I have collected donated items, and I have purchased beds etc. for the children, and I am only living on unemployment right now, so I really have no money to do any more for them.

To protect their identity, I’d rather not print any more details, but I would like to ask for some toys for both of them. They have been traumatized, and could really stand to be occupied with something fun since they have none of their own toys now. Ashlee, please email or have someone email me regarding these innocent children that had their world turned upside down in one night. I’d love to help them more, but I have no more funds! Thank you. Laurel Manzola, Sparks, NV


Hi Ashlee,
You are such an amazing little girl. My heart is touched by your generosity. Our house also burned down about a year ago. My daughter Jozlynn was 3 years old, and she also lost all of her toys and her blankie. Our fire came at a horrible time because we were just weeks away from Jozlynn’s 4 Open Heart Surgery. It was only through the generosity of others that we were able to get our lives back in order again. Unfortunately, in an effort to save money for our many out of town hospital stays and surgeries and doctor bills, we had no renters insurance. That meant that toys, and anything that is not an absolute necessary to survive had been put on hold. As a grown up, we tend to prioritize and make sure our families necessities are provided for before we start to think about toys. I am so glad that you have been thinking about the children’s needs and have taken action to make a terrible thing a little easier on them, that makes you a hero!!


Hi Ashlee. I saw your article in Discovery girls magazine-and I think its really, REALLY cool that you help kids in need. I’ve been trying to think of a way I can help people (on a VERY low budget, lol!) any ideas?
Thanks for reading this,



My dad gives me alouance and I am going to buy some toys with it and the extra toy from my yard sale and give it to some kids in a public ophanage! I first heard about you in the DG magizine someday i want to be like you!!!!!

THANK YOU ( i am sure that the kids you help say that too!)


Ashlee I saw your story on my TAKS test,and I was sooooo amazed at what you did! I am only nine years old too. When I saw that video I thought I could make a difference in the world. You are very lucky to be so famous making the organasation “Ashlee’s toy closet”. I wish I was you. Wait and you will see me in the newspapers! (i hope)


How do I get help with birthday things for my little girl who is turning 3 soon?


Hi Ashlee,
The trunk of my car is filled with a lot of very nice toys including many Webkins) from my grandchildren who were not able to take these with them when they moved to Milwaukee last summer. I promised my daughter-in-law I would get them to a charity, and I think that Emma and Joey would like knowing they went to your organization. A few of the things have never been used. Please contact me if you are interested and I will be happy to deliver them to you.


Hi Ashlee,
I would like to donate to you, but we live in New Hampshire. Should I send a package to the address mentioned on your home page?


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